Raven's Gate

The Raven, in a range of cultures across the world, are viewed as guides, informants, and sometimes even teachers. Within our group, we focus in on these aspects of our namesake, cultivating learning and growth, collecting trinkets of information, and providing for the unkindness (a collective of ravens). 

The  Raven's Gate coven is welcoming of all paths and practices. We are a warm, family friendly coven that promotes unity and diversity. We are open to all members regardless of beliefs or experience, and work to help our members grow and expand their knowledge and experiences with magical practice. Our group is for those with a desire to learn (or share) the knowledge they have gained throughout their spiritual and occult journey. We are not a group built around labels, or specific branches of magic; we are a group built on magic in its entirety. The Raven's Nest is free for everybody. Our doors are open to all from beginners only just embarking on their journey into practice, to seasoned practitioners looking for a place to settle down on-site.

All paths and practices are welcome here, as long as members practice maturity and respect.